Thursday, January 9, 2014


Recently, I was given an amazing gift by a friend of mine. If you know any architects; score points by pre-ordering one of these genius notebooks. A:LOG is a "notebook designed for architects." It looks amazing and incorporates much needed tools in a small sketchbook...I think I'm in love!

Various scales of dot grids, drawing templates, and easy to reference guides for scale, details, and sketches, all wrapped in a clean looking cover. Definitely geeking out!

Credit: A:LOG

Credit: A:LOG

Credit: A:LOG

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Does being pointless have a point?

Credit: Pointless Diagrams

Credit: Pointless Diagrams

Credit: Pointless Diagrams

Credit: Pointless Diagrams

Just as I was discussing diagramming with my studio instructor today I ran across this site of pointless diagrams. Josh Lewandowski took it on as a personal challenge to create one pointless diagram per day for an entire year. Upon my first look, I laughed and wrote this guy off. As I was trying to figure out just who would pay hundreds of dollars for one of these doodles in his Etsy store, I realized that Mr. Lewandowski may be smarter than I first thought.

So many times we, as designers, are insistent on explaining every step we take in our design process. Aren't we allowed to stumble upon beautiful design ideas? Are these "pointless diagrams" just another way to brainstorm? Maybe we all need to stop thinking so hard. Maybe we just need to let our creativity flow, even if our ideas seem "pointless."

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Apps for a Happy New Year

I have been having the most amazing break! These two weeks off of school have given me time to see old friends and has felt amazing! Rarely do I make resolutions at the new year, but I decided that this year felt different. I realized that with my school schedule I have really been neglecting myself and what I need to be healthy. My resolution this year is to lead an all around healthier life. More healthy foods, sleep, and gym visits, a more balanced social life, fiscal responsibility, and taking advantage of my educational opportunities will all be a part.

Since it is attached to me at all times; I thought the best way to keep me on track with my resolution is to use apps on my iPhone. After much research I think I found the perfect apps to make sure my resolution doesn't get lost as soon as school starts up again on Monday.

Physical Health and Wellness

My Fitness Pal (free) is very similar to the weightwatchers app, but it is completely free. Based on your lifestyle, weight, height, and weight goal, it sets a calorie limit for you for each day. Just keep track of what you eat with their food diary, submit any workouts you do, and the app does the rest. At the end of the day, the app tells you how much you'd weigh in 5 weeks if everyday was like today. The best part is that most foods are already loaded into the app and you can even scan barcodes to load prepackaged foods into your food diary.

7 Minute Workout Challenge ($1.99) is great for people like me who only have a few minutes to squeeze in a workout. It is pretty intense, so get ready to sweat. The workout requires no gym equipment, so it is perfect for those colder days when my apartment is just to cozy to leave. You can do anything for 7 minutes, right? The only misleading part about this workout is that it is suggested that you do multiple rounds to get the full effect. I usually perform the workout twice in a row for a total of 14 minutes...still pretty quick if you ask me.

Social Life

Meetup  (free) is the app version of our favorite real life social network. Find groups in your area that share common interests and meet new people at Meetups near you!

Tinder (free)...enough said.

Fiscal Responsibility

Mint  (free) makes it easy to track your spending and set saving goals. It automatically syncs with your bank, saving, loan, and investment accounts to keep you updated on your fiscal health in real time.

Pocket Money Lite (free) replaces bulky checkbook logs...who wants to carry those around? I've learned that physically logging what you spend when you spend it keeps you more aware of your spending habits and may just guilt you into not making that impulse purchase.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Let's Architect It

In November, Kanye West stopped by Harvard's GSD. Immediately my facebook newsfeed was filled with criticisms of Kanye "inserting" himself into the world of architecture. With finals, I hadn't had the chance to watch the following video of his speech until a couple of days ago. To be honest, I think his support is a great thing for our profession.

Video courtesy of Flavio Sciaraffia.

Can somebody please explain to me what the big deal is? Why are we so protective of who we allow into our "world?" At one moment we complain that our profession does not get enough attention, but the second we receive celebrity praise, we complain about that too?

From what I saw in this video, Kanye is not claiming to be an architect (as some are suggesting), nor is he claiming that he knows everything there is to know about architecture. Kanye seems to be praising us for spending so much time honing our craft in school before entering into the professional world. He is telling us that he thinks our profession is necessary to move our society forward in a positive way. Let us stop acting so pompous, and entitled, and accept a loud voice that desires for us to be heard!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

In Case You Missed It...NSAD Rome Exhibition

The Rome Exhibition at NewSchool of Architecture and Design has officially ended. In case you missed it, here are some great photos of the installation. The Rome Exhibition showcased design work from myself, and other students, completed in Rome this past summer.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sleep Tight!

When making the decision to go to architecture school I knew I'd be in for many sleepless nights, which is why it's important to make those few precious hours of sleep that I do get count. Unfortunately I have a mind that races the second I lie down. What can be done to calm the mind down and ensure a good night's sleep? This is an age old question that I have yet to find an answer to. I'm willing to try ALMOST anything, which is why I was so excited to see an article on Remodelista with pointers on how to get a better night's sleep.

Have any of these pointers worked for you?

Photo Credit: Remodelista